OpenGL Insights の気になる項目リスト


 1. Teaching Computer Graphics Starting with Shader-Based OpenGL
 3. WebGL for OpenGL Developers
 5. The GLSL Shader Interfaces
 6. An Introduction to Tesselation Shaders
10. GPU Tessellation: We Stil Have a LOD of Terrain to Cover
15. Depth of Field with Bokeh Rendering
16. Shadow Proxies
18. Hierarchical Depth Culling and Bounding-Box management
19. Massive Number of Shadow-Casting Lights with Layered Rendering
22. Octree-Based Sparse Voxelization Using the GPU Hardware Rasterizer
23. Performance Tuning for Tile-Based Architectures
25. Improving Performance by Reducing Calls to the Driver
28. Asynchronous Buffer Transfers
30. WebGL Models: End-to-End
32. An OpenGL-Friendly Geometry File Format and Its Maya Exporter
33. ARB_debug_output: A Helping Hand for Desperate Developers
34. The OpenGL Timer Query
35. A Real-Time Profiling Tool
37. Performance State Tracking
41. Features and Design Choices in SpiderGL
44. The Build Syndrome